Our Methodology

Intelligence Through Experience

Placement of Accounts

We can accept accounts by email, fax, paper via our postage paid envelopes or upload a file in RSClark’s client portal. When we receive accounts and they are entered in our system, the collection process has already begun. The first letter is mailed automatically.

Effective Consumer Location

The first step in the collection process is to establish whether the account is a skip or do we have all the correct information on the debtor. All of the new accounts are automatically uploaded to our vast national locating databases and updated daily.

Dunning Procedures

The next step is effective communication with the consumer. We train all RS Clark and Associates collectors on the “get paid today” philosophy. There are a few reasons for delinquency, i.e. circumstantial, intentional, and emotional. Once our collector has obtained the reason for delinquency, this enables him or her to maximize the return by overcoming the objection.

Performance and Expected Results

We implement the collection process as soon as the account is entered into our system. With the methods used above, you can expect returns within 15 to 30 days of placement. Utilizing all of our tools and technology we collect, on the average, 10%-20% higher than our competitors.